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i-TAG can quickly reflect the professional eye on annotations with intuitive operation in an offline environment

The accuracy of "annotations" that give meaning to image data in the construction of AI models directly affects the improvement of AI inference accuracy. In addition, there are many areas where only certain professionals can make meaning decisions. Annotation is an important work item, but it may be difficult for many companies to start due to the heavy workload.

" I-TAG " is an annotation creation support tool created so that professionals can add annotations most efficiently in a limited time from the unique viewpoint of BLUE TAG, which has implemented many AI projects.

High-quality annotation data can be accumulated at high speed with intuitive operations, and labels can be changed with a single click as needed, making it possible to quickly build in-house original data as teacher data with minimal burden.


Windows, Mac
​ Compatible with both OS

Easy system installation on your PC​ Ready to use


Features of i-TAG


Drag and drop the image file.
Category information can be added at once at the same time as uploading.

By reading the CSV file associated with the image data, the user only checks whether what the software detects is correct or missed.

It is also possible to attach BOX one by one like general-purpose annotation software.

Select the appropriate label.

It is also possible to create a new label from the middle.

Labels can be added from either a single large screen or individual detected images.

Labels automatically detected by the software can be sorted by accuracy and label.

You can work with user-favorite settings such as displaying only specific labels or displaying labels with a lower angle.

You can see at a glance which image you have checked.

This is useful when you can't finish it in a day or when you have a lot of data.

Data during work is automatically saved.

You can work with peace of mind without worrying about data storage.

You can change the settings according to your favorite color and line size, and you can set a stress-free work environment.

You can modify the label with one click.

Images that are lost can be checked later, minimizing human error in annotation work.

Both image output and CSV output are possible.

Since it is not our original extension, you can process the data according to your purpose.

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